Women’s Health

The team at EK Medical provide women with comprehensive medical care. This includes advice on general and reproductive health for women at all stages of life.

Breast Checks

Breast Cancer is the most common cancer for women in Australia. Research indicates that 75% of those diagnosed are woman over the age of 50. It is recommended that all women aged over 50 should schedule a mammogram once every two years as a precaution.

Women aged over 40 with a strong family history of breast cancer should also have a mammogram once every two years.

Women aged 50 and over are eligible for a free mammogram, courtesy of BreastScreen. We encourage you to regularly examine your breasts and report any unusual changes to your GP.

Skin Checks

A skin cancer check at EK Medical involves a thorough examination of your skin using the latest skin screening tools, including a Dermatoscope. This will help expose any current areas of concern on your skin that may need further attention.

Sexual Health and Contraception

The team at EK Medical are able to provide comprehensive support for all forms of contraception such as injections, oral contraception and Implanon insertion or removal.

Pap Smears

Since scheduled pap smears were introduced across Australia in 1991, Cervical Cancer has decreased by over 33%. EK Medical are diligent with patient reminders for pap smears. Our system ensures that women are reminded when their next check is due.

Heart Disease

Although preventative health measures can reduce the risk of heart disease, the current statistics in Australia show that one in three women will die from heart disease.

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